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All functions that are needed from a Coaching Software

Client management

Client management

Capture and manage all your clients in the Bucher Vita Coach.

In the address window all clients are listed and can be sorted alphabetically by all the information (for example, name, first name, ZIP code, city, etc.)

Working with databases

Working with databases

All databases are free of charge for our customers and can be modified, supplemented or re-registered by the user.

In the "Coaching Database" window, all databases are listed according to their topic. Many entries contain, besides the name of the entry, many more information in the image center, e.g. A photo, a rate, a comment and a note.

Scanning of resonances

Scanning of resonances

The scan process displays the client's current resonances as topics that concern or burden him. The results usually indicate directly or indirectly the causes of client problems.

The scan window contains all available databases, sorted by subject area. The user can select which databases are to be used for a resonance scan. The "Wheel of Life Databases" are special databases with extended evaluation functions. This usually allows a good overview of the actual state of the problem circles to be established with a scan.

Transfer of regulatory information

The developed regulatory information and solutions of your client can be transferred into its information field by various possibilities.

All regulatory information is combined into one package. Additional features can be added to this package, such as start and end time, send intervals, send intensity, and much more. Furthermore, a wide range of transmission variants can be selected for the patient (acoustic, optical, light and color or information carriers).

When information is passed on to another person in daily life, this can happen in many different ways. The information can be communicated to her verbally, you can write her down, you can write her an e-mail or send a letter by mail. However, the information will always remain the same regardless of the type of transmission.

This is also the case when it is transferred to the client's information field. It actually plays a subordinate role, the way the information is transmitted, the information field can in any case understand it. It is, however, important that the client is able to comply with the transfer. Therefore, you should consider the preferences of the client when selecting the type of transmission.

In the case of a person who would like to see the information (focus on optical perception), it is best to select a transmission mode in which the information on light signals or color light becomes visible, e.g. On the transmission of light waves.

For people who can do more with acoustic information, you should do a transfer with a white noise through the computer speaker. Alternatively, you can create a CD with his / her favorite music and mix the information as subliminals into the music (The subliminal function is optional.).

For haptic people (who want to have something in their hands), you might want to create a magnetic card, which he can always carry with him.