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Aqua Zeppelin

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Aqua Zeppelin

Our usual drinking water is no longer able to form crystals due to environmental pollution. Water is our most important food. With aqua zeppelin® animated water can contribute to more health and well-being.

The aqua zeppelin® returns the original information to the water. Vibration patterns from various healing sources as well as the vibrational patterns of peace, love and harmony are passed on to your drinking water. Information for a better lime behavior round off the positive properties (e.g., clearly noticeable in cleaning work in the kitchen and bathroom).

It is astonishing that more than one crystal forms in a water sample for water crystal photography. With our water we got 8 different crystals (see above, all crystals of aqua zeppelin® animated water) - a sign for the wide range of positive information.

Shortly after the enjoyment of aqua zeppelin® animated water can be recognized in the Aurabild of a person a clear activation of the chakras.

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