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Bucher Interblend

With the Interblend module radionic packages can be integrated into a music. The reception of the radionic packets by the receiver takes place with this method in a much more comfortable manner. The user can use their own packages. There are also packages for downloading for various situations or problems. For example, packages for harmony in the workplace, home harmonization, problems with examination persecutions, etc. These packages can be mixed into a music subliminal, which is also made available at Bucher GmbH. If the copyright and usage rights are observed, any other music can also be used. It is thus possible for the user to produce as many subliminal CDs as possible after purchase of the Interblend module and to sell them to the clients / patients.

The recommended retail price per CD is set by Bucher GmbH at 20, - Euro per CD. Therefore, no subliminal CDs under 20, - Euro are sold. A license fee to the Bucher GmbH is not due by the sale. In addition, the music provided by Bucher GmbH is "royalty free". This means that users do not have to pay fees to GEMA (Society for Musical Performance and Mechanical Reproduction Rights). The music purchased by Bucher GmbH may be copied or used as often as necessary for Interblend purposes as well as for telephone warmer music or waiting room music.

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