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Your radionics system for successful therapy

The Bucher Vita Coach databases contain all the necessary information which leads to the cause of the patient's problem.

All databases are free of charge at Bucher GmbH, even those that will be created in the future. The databases can be imported into the Bucher system at the click of a mouse. You can create your own databases, modify or add existing ones.

Databases can be exchanged among Bucher coach users. If you become a member of the Bucher Family free of charge, you can send databases directly from your own system to other members or send databases from them. We would like to encourage the exchange of experience and information between the users.

Currently, there are radionics databases on the following topics:

The Bucher Vita Coach, however, not only possesses radionics databases for resonance testing, but also valuable package assemblies, e.g. Very effective for immediate action. The package databases have been compiled by experienced Bucher Vita Coach users and can be used by all users.

Currently, there are 82 package databases, below a small selection: