Free radionic scan

With our system Bucher Vita Online, you can use the Bucher Color Picker to find out which entries you are resonating with different databases, e.g. With which Bachblüte, with which homoeopathic remedy or which affirmation is currently suitable for you. The percentage of relevance also indicates the importance of the resonance found.

When scanning, you will see different colors on the screen, and you'll need to choose a color, shape, or shading as long as possible without thinking about it. You will be asked for the colors you like at the moment and also for the colors you do not like. Based on your color selection, we scan in the selected databases for resonance hits and send you a detailed report of the scan results as a PDF file via e-mail.

A maximum of 1 scans per person per day is possible.

This gives you an impression of our radionic system Bucher Vita Coach, which works with several hundred databases and can also transmit the resonances found to the scanned person via a transmission function for regulation.

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