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Your radionics system for successful business advice

Causes of companies to recognize problems, support the changes in the business process and thus easier and more sustainably achieve the goal.

The Bucher Business Coach supports you in all consultancy tasks on the subject of corporate consulting.

Enter any number of client company data, if desired with photo and comments. With the search and sorting functions, you never lose track of your client data.

Download free of charge the coaching databases provided on the Internet on all possible topics of the company consulting. At the moment (as of March 15, 2010), a total of 70 databases are available. However, you can at any time re-enter your own databases, modify or supplement existing databases, and you can easily exchange databases with other Bucher Vita Coach users.

In a scan run, check with the Bucher Business Coach, where the weaknesses of the company lie. In the results of the scan, find the main thread of your client. With this information, you will be able to give your client a recommendation for optimizing his company, for better collaboration between the employees and the management of the company.

In order to make these recommendations easier for your client and their employees, transfer the found resonances to the morphogenetic field of the company to harmonize them there.