Fractal graphics can be created with Bucher TAO Medical. The fractals are thereby used by our users as image affirmations.

Fractal of the day

Currently there is no Fractal of the day available.

We have commissioned several therapists to create a fractal for our world for each day of the year. Here the global consciousness of all creatures shall be captured.

These daily updated fractals represent therefore the positive and inverted negative (ie problem-solving) vibrations and feelings of all creatures in our world. The Fractal of the day is to regulate you and your environment through YOU yourself (as a visitor to our Web page who perceives this graph), thereby making the world "a little" more harmonious.

Added to the fractal is the affirmation that the information can only reach those individuals who want it (whose subtle receiver is enabled) and in which this information triggers positive things. Negative or harmful information can thus be neither sent nor received.

Our users`most beautiful fractals

No entries available.