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Client management

Client management

Capture and manage all your clients and company data in the Bucher Aura Coach.

All clients are listed in the address window and can be sorted alphabetically by all the information (for example, company name, first name, ZIP code, city, etc.). The columns can be sorted with the mouse (drag and drop the column name) as desired.

Chakra value scan

The Bucher Aura Coach scans the chakras strength and displays them graphically and as an bar graph. There are 2 types of scans:

Chakra value scan

Scanning with chakra colors
During the scan the values of the 7 chakras are read from the information field and positioned as colored light in the strength of the energy value around the image of the client.

Scanning with scanner bar using the human example

Scanning with scanner bars
During scanning, a scanner bar runs from the bottom to the top and reads the values of the 7 chakras from the morphic field. Each chakra is displayed more or less intensively depending on the measured value. The logo of the respective aura category serves as the background (in the example picture, the category Human).

In addition to the scan, resonances are queried from a special chakras database.
A detailed 10-page report is created and saved as a PDF file, which can be printed out for the client on request.

Transfer of harmonization values

Transfer of harmonization values using the human category

Transfer the measured energy values and resonances of the chakras into the morphological field of your client.

Using the send function, the chakra values and the found chakren resonances can be transferred to the morphological field of your client. This usually causes an immediate increase in the chakra energy.

Alternatively, the harmonization information can also be transmitted to information carriers such as magnetic cards, globules, healing stones or other objects, which the client can then apply in his daily life.

Statistics output with initial scans and sequence scans

Initial and sequence scans help you solve energy blockages

With help of the initial and sequence scans developed by Bucher GmbH, you are able to considerably increase the chakra energies over a certain period of time (usually 4 weeks).

Initial scans measure the current state of the 7 energy centers and check which database entries are in resonance with the client (should be harmonized).

Sequence scans do NOT measure the current state of the 7 energy centers, but rather measure how far the problems are already resolved that existed at the moment of the last initial scan.

As a rule, an initial scan is carried out, followed by a sequence scan over a period of four to six weeks (one measurement per week).

The complete measurement cycle can be graphically displayed via the statistics output.