Functional principle


The patient's vibrations are read via hand electrodes and loaded into the system. The software then separates these into harmonic and disharmonic vibrations, inverts the disharmonic vibrations and unites them with the harmonic vibrations.

This new and optimized resonance can then be transmitted back to the patient via the hand electrodes.

The already harmonic vibrations are thus strengthened while the disharmonic vibrations are eliminated. This procedure releases the patient's self-healing powers in order to solve the health problems.

Classification into three bandpasses

The system's name (Triselect) already implies that the measured vibration of the client is classified into three bandpasses:


The spiritual bandpass reads vibrations in the range of 315-1400 nanometers. This covers an area beginning with ultraviolet radiation (UVA) across the visible spectrum of light to the infrared radiation (IRA). If a Vision Colour Lamp is connected, the appropriate nanometer value is displayed via colored light. The lamp is capable of emitting the visible light. It's not recommended employing UVA- or IRA as it could damage eyes and in some cases skin.

The UVA- and IRA-portions of the bandpass are thus converted into the visible area of light so that while it is made visible, it cannot be damaging.

While the wavelengths are "presented" to the client, a measurement is conducted via hand electrodes and the client's reaction measured and displayed.

The colors the client resonates with are recorded during the process. These colors are required to solve his or her current problem which was determined prior to the scan in the focus field.

In contrast to the following two bandpasses (psychic and somatic), no rating of colors is performed and no separation in harmonic and disharmonic frequencies takes place.

Wavelengths the client resonates with are later radiated during a transmission in the appropriate colors using the Vision Colour lamp.

Bandpass PSYCHIC

The psychic bandpass reads vibrations in the range of 25KHz to 1MHz. These vibrations are also converted into the visible area of light and radiated by the Vision Colour hardware during the scan.

The scan occurs broken down into the following sub-steps:

Process 1: Reading of the psychic information
Reading of the psychic information via the hand electrodes and display of found results in the blue area of the psychic bandpass.

Process 2: Separation
The vibration in the blue area is separated into harmonic and disharmonic vibrations. The harmonic vibration is then displayed in the green area of the bandpass. The disharmonic vibration is displayed in the red area.

Process 3: Inversion
The vibration in the red area is inverted. Amplitudes of the disharmonic vibration are neutralised during this process through the use of opposite amplitudes of the same strength. In addition to the red (disharmonic) vibration, the correctional vibration is also implemented into the red area of the bandpass in yellow color. The yellow vibrational curve could thus also be referred to as "self-healing vibration".

Process 4: Completion
The harmonic vibration of the green area (client's own vibration which benefit him/her) is united with the yellow inverted disharmonic vibration of the red area and copied to the lower green area of the band (information to be sent). This green area of the bandpass thus contains the clients own vibration (which benefits him/her) plus the opposite disharmonic vibration which so far, in its original form, blocked his or her self-healing powers. The "information to be sent" thus neutralizes the currently acting negative vibration of the client via the yellow vibrational curve and at the same time strengthens his/her healthy (harmonic) vibrational potential via the green vibrational curve.

Bandpass SOMATIC

The somatic bandpass reads vibrations in the area of 0 Hz to 25 kHz. This vibration is also converted into the visible nanemeter range and radiated by the colored light during the scan.

Somatic bandpass also process and saves vibration in the four previously described sub-steps.