Bucher Color Apps

Informations and manuals for the Bucher Color Apps.

The Bucher Color Apps consist of several tiny programs which primarily deal with the topic of color therapy. There are currently 9 different Color Apps:

  • Color Check (Scans 3 colors for the client)
  • Color Indication (Color selection via indication-list)
  • Color Sequencer (Manually selectable colors and color sequences)
  • Color Wizard (Scans the desired number of main colors + colors based on nanometer selection)
  • ICD10 Database (Color selection via the ICD-10 list)
  • Organ Database (Color selection via organ list)
  • Psycho-Somatic Check (Scan for acting and reacting organs, with questioning technique according to J.H. Drews)
  • VISION-COLOUR Revision (Scan for the 3 most strained body zones)
  • PhoTon 5 (Scan for the 5 most strained body zones with advanced analysis)

The Bucher Color Apps DON'T require a purchase of client management.
The Bucher Color Apps require Windows as its Operating System. Apple's IOS or Android operating system are incompatible.