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Your power tool for copying subtle information

Copy subtle information with different parameters

Bucher Remedy Encoder offers a copying function for subtle information. With this function the subtle information can be transferred from one object to another. The user has the possibility to set some parameters.

The settings in the Bucher Remedy Encoder

Period of subtle effect

The user may specify that the target information carrier provides the subtle information only for a certain period, e.g. from today to 4 weeks. It can, however, also be selected that the information is available in an indefinite manner.


With this parameter, information can be inverted. The information then oscillates inversely to the original and is able to delete subtle information from the user. The setting Auto inverse ensures that the information is only inverted when it is necessary for the receiver. In all other cases the information remains the same as in the original. However, you can also explicitly specify whether you want to transfer the original or the inverse information.

Remove any side effects

Original preparations / remedies have almost always side effects. Since we do not copy the original physically, but only the subtle information, there is the possibility to filter out these side effects from the information and to transfer only the effect information.

Adjusting of psychoenergetic regulation strength

The psychoenergetic regulation strength of the copy can be determined before transmission. There is the possibility to transfer the original strength of the object. If someone put coffee in the input cup, and place empty globules in the output cup, the effect of the subtle caffeine in the output cup would be identical to that in the coffee. By the Strength parameter the effect could be weakened in 4 steps or strengthened in 5 steps.
In addition, there is the possibility to set the optimum strength for the user. This ensures that the correct strength is always used, regardless of who uses the produced copy. Already amplified originals are reset to the simple strength before the copy. Repeatedly copying the copy with gain setting has no effect.

Setting the power

It is possible to specify an exponentiation. The copy then acts analogously to the dilution applied in homeopathy. D, C and LM potencies are used as the potentiation type. If an already potentiated medium is copied, it is first reset to its original tincture and then copied in the specified potency. This ensures that the copy is made in any case in the right potentiation.