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Little helpers that bring (color) light into the darkness

There are 9 Bucher Color Apps with different functions

Color Check (Bucher Color Apps)

The Color check scans for 3 colors which are needed from your client currently. The three colors are divided into three priorities. The first scanned color is the most important. According to the priority then the time duration of the breadcast is dimensioned. The colors can applied with the light hardware.

Color Indication (Bucher Color Apps)

Containing the most important indications of humans. The indications were assigned to colors. With the broadcast the indications can be harmonized and released over the self-healing power.

Color Sequencer (Bucher Color Apps)

The Bucher Color Sequencer offers the possibility to select colors. Possibility to choose from 12 colors and other Dinshah colors. Additionally, you can also select the nanometer-value colors. The colors can be applied via the light hardware.

Color Wizard (Bucher Color Apps)

The Color Wizard scans a by the user definable number of basic or mixed colors. This can be applied via the light hardware.

ICD10 Database (Bucher Color Apps)

The ICD-10 (International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health problem) is the most important, internationally recognized diagnostic classification system of medicine. It is published by the WHO.
In the Bucher Color Apps each entry of the ICD-10 colors have been assigned to resolve the problems with help of the self-healing power of the patient.

Organ Database (Bucher Color Apps)

Containing the most important organs of humans. These were assigned to colors. With the broadcastung the organs can be harmonized and strengthened.

Psycho Somatic Check (Bucher Color Apps)

The Psycho Somatic Check has been developed for a system of Jörg Helge Drews and Carsten Pötter. It puts the therapist in a position to obtain a comprehensive view of the client's problems and proposes particular questions which should provide the therapist to the client. Alone by employees of the client with the right questions can be resolved much of problem-causing backgrounds.

VISION-COLOUR Revision (Bucher Color Apps)

VISION-COLOUR Revision scans from 64 areas of the body, the three most plluted areas and colors are displayed. These are replaced with the correct color of the zone.

PhoTon 5 (Bucher Color App)

PhoTon 5 scans the 5 most stressed zones in the 64 resonance zones of the human body and displays the measured defect color of these zones.