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Holistic regulation and harmonization of all levels of consciousness

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All functions that are needed from a Coaching Software

Client management

Capture and manage all your clients and enterprise data in Bucher Bioresonance Triselect.

All clients are listed in the address window and can be sorted alphabetically by all the information (for example, company name, first name, ZIP code, city, etc.). The columns can be sorted with the mouse (drag and drop the column name) as desired.

Client management


The band-pass filters play an important role in the therapeutic ritual and serve the steered attention for users and clients alike.
The scan function is performed by a psychophysiological decoupling, with the current status of electrodermal activity (vegetative Pregassona) is recognized the client. The scan includes three levels, including both the spiritual as well as the psychological and somatic area.

The result

The results are visible in real time in a graphically constructed function table on the screen.
The spiritual area is measured by a spectral bandpass (from 315 nm to 1400 nm) and shows color deficits in the psychoenergetic regulatory centers.
The psychological area includes a bandpass at frequencies of 25 kilohertz to 1 megahertz and shows the relationship of harmonious and disharmonious vibrations in the upper frequency range.
The bandpass of the somatic area has a circumference 0-25 kilohertz and shows the relationship of harmonious and disharmonious vibrations in the lower (auditory) frequency range.
The focus regulation serves to note special features, which have emerged from the patient interview. In addition, the mark of the disease process is: acute, subacute, chronic. The regulation is done by automatically run through the band-pass filters, the transmission characteristics for all three areas can be set separately. The procedure is carried out via hand electrodes and can be controlled in time.