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Document the impact of your beauty and wellness applications on the chakra energy of your customers.

All functions that are needed from a Coaching Software

Name and photo

If desired, the name and photo of your customers can be recorded.

The name and photo will appear later in the evaluation. However, a measurement can also be performed completely anonymously, without name and photo.

On request, the name and photo of your customers can be recorded

Scanning and adjusting chakra colors

Bucher Aura Beauty determines the 7 Chakren values of your customers via a scan with different options.

The simplest option for scanning is the hand applicators. The client holds it in the hand during the scan process. In this case, the color chandelier is activated in the different chakra colors and the reaction of your customer is measured. If your customer reacts to a certain color with stress, then the associated chakra is very likely blocked. If he reacts to a certain color with relaxation, the accompanying chakra will most likely provide a lot of energy.

Scanning the chakras

After the current values are recorded in the scan results and a regulation has been carried out using the patented VISION-COLOUR color light, you can also apply your own products on request.

The sequence scan then evaluated the effect of the chakra regulation on the color light AND provided your own applications.

The total result, consisting of the initial measurement and comparison to the time measurement, is then displayed on the screen and can be printed out on request or saved as a PDF file.

The scan result of the initial and sequence scan