Shield Coach - Electronic Device


Usable for all electrical appliances, all electronic devices, e.g. Computer, notebook, tablet, TV set. A Shield-Coach - Electronic Device can be installed in the current meter box. Two additional shield coaches can be attached directly to the devices, eg. With batteries or out of the house.


Build a psycho-energetic protective shield against the effects of electrosmog over the power lines in the house. Install a ShieldCoach - Electronic Device on the power box, where the power is routed to the house. The protection thus also includes all electrical appliances used in the house.
If devices are also operated outside of the in-house power supply, a separate Shield Coach is advantageous on the device. Please note that the Shield-Coach can only be removed from glass, metal and other hard and insensitive surfaces without residue.


3 x Shield Coach - Electronic Device


EUR 63,07 (without VAT)