Shield Coach - Courage

Anxiety disorders arise usually from an imbalance between the real situation and the own excessive risk assessment. The Shield Coach is intended to eliminate the fears not complete, because the subjective perception of danger and the warning system of potential occurring real risks must be maintained. Instead, the Shield Coach should again achieve a balance between its own risk assessment and the real risk.

Resolution of anxiety disorders, such as

Shield Coach - Courage to help reduce excessive reactions in anxiety disorders, so that a "normal" life is made possible with a strong sense of security.

Basically fears a wonderful survival strategy. Nature has developed an emotion as a function for the protection of their lives here. It helps us in dangerous situations to respond immediately to quickly remove us as a threat. For this purpose, for example, the heart rate and blood pressure increases and it run all the possible chemical metabolic processes that will help us to get a great physical performance in a short time.

But what to do when this anxiety function starts too often and too sensitive or even in the wrong situations?

Usually such anxiety disorders are learned by a wrong behavior over a long period. these behaviors One can imagine such trails in the jungle. Our trails form of the bird's eye view of a pattern seen our way from. Ways we go when we want to go from a certain place to another place. The more we use a particular trail, the broader, the plane he is and the easier it is to go this route.

Suppose someone had you as a child were shown during one of these walks in the jungle, a cave in which a large, evil serpent should live. Then you would have difficulty with the next hike a new trail through the thicket created which leads around a large area around the cave. Whenever you come to this area, you remember the warning of the snake, which you might have never seen that perhaps does not exist and then use the trail to the detour. The more you use this detour, the wider it is. Conversely, increasing the trail, which passes directly to the cave, slowly, so that it eventually will only very laboriously walked for you.

If you should pass with other people together at the cave again, then you will find all sorts of excuses to not take the direct route to, but convince your companion that the detour of this and that reason is much simpler and easier to walk.

Similarly, the human brain works. It is always trying to choose the learned, supposedly simpler trail, even if there are thousands of kilometers that you have taken in your life already on detours in Purchase.

Sometimes you will be compelled to go where the fear trigger is. The snake has perhaps never existed in the cave. It could even be on the contrary a cave of refuge during severe weather, with wonderful cave paintings of your ancestors. You can get a warm fire to light and is protected at night from all the dangers of the jungle.

But there again build a new, convenient footpath, is incredibly tedious and requires frequent repetition of hiking through until it is halfway passable without difficulty. The decision to take the direct route, may you the Shield coach not lose weight, but he is a wonderful tool if you have decided not to use the detour. He acts like a machete, with which you make it much easier to carve a new path through the jungle.

Did you manage this, the trail of the detour will grow slowly and be no longer an alternative. You have learned a new, simpler path (behavioral) pattern and can take this direct route in the future always. The cave of the snake can be used for many things, for example.

Fear of situations where you can not escape:
Fly, train travel, tunnels, elevator, fright, dentist

Panic fear of "harmless" animals:
House spiders, mice, blindworms

There are still many other anxiety disorders, which may be irrational in some cases, such as the fear of fear. It avoids all situations where you could get scared because one is afraid of this fear, although you already know that the situation itself is completely harmless.

How do you manage to learn a new, direct route, a new pattern of behavior?
The magic word is: COURAGE

This courage, this power to change you want the Shield Coach - transmitted Courage. It gives you, as your virtual, personal bodyguard, the security you need in particular to the creation of your new Trampelpfads, namely until the trail is wide enough for you to safely and easily come forward.

What to expect at the end of the new path:
The realization that there waited no evil serpent to you, but life in all its colors.


On the back of the Psychoenergetic Card Write with a permanent marker the name of the user to personalize the Shield coach it. The psychoenergetic action then unfolds on this named person. Then carry Psychoenergetic Card using the Shield Coach in the wallet, in a shirt pocket or in your purse at all times. In extreme emergencies the map briefly take into their own hands and look at the Shield Coach.


Forms a protective shield of safety around the vehicle. Anxiety disorders are blocked. Reliable and justified fears are not blocked.

Target affirmation

Shield Coach - Courage gives me the security that I need to enjoy my life without fear and with joy can.


1 x Shield Coach - Courage incl. Psychoenergetic Card


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